Finally ready to stop the yo-yo dieting?

Learn the foundational habits to stop going back to the same old bullsh*t programs that work for 6 weeks.




In Your Element is for you if...

  • You need a simple solution for your yo-yo dieting
  • You're tired of the quick fixes that don't last
  • You need support from a coach
  • You're exhausted by diet trends and wellness hacks
  • You don't want to just "melt your belly fat" for 6 weeks
  • You need a straight forward program to get results
  • You need expert coaches to support you
  • This is for the women who need to master everyday habits and macro tracking.
  • Spoiler alert: This is a life-long strategy for health and longevity.


We want to reintroduce what makes you, you. 

This is for anyone who hasn’t felt like themselves in who knows how long. This is for anyone who feels “off” or “out of it.”

This is for anyone who feels like their life isn’t their own.

You wish you could get off the diet hamster wheel forever.

You want food freedom.

It is time to rediscover what life is like when you can live In Your Element.


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Now $399

It's time to the learn the basics for a life of wellness.

What if you didn't have to...

  • fall prey to the "melt your middle" challenges
  • Keep jumping from one program to another
  • Figure out how to eat for maintenance and fat loss
  • Worry if you're doing the right things every to reach your goal body
  • Work towards your goals alone


With In Your Element, you get a blueprint for reaching your goals for the next 20+ years.

F*ck the quick fixes. Lifelong habits are in.


In Your Element is a 8-Week Coach-Led Program to teach you the lifelong habits you crave.

How This Works:

Through mindfulness and habit building, we condition your mind and body so you can embrace In Your Element and feel the results in real time. Over the 8-week program, you receive weight training sessions and nutritional coaching from our collective of fully-invested trainers and coaches. 

What You Get:

For just $499, you will receive:

  • Workouts and Nutritional Programming sent right to your inbox.
  • Daily check-ins, feedback, and support through our exclusive Facebook group.
  • Habit-driven mindset to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.
  • The strong, sexy feeling of being truly in your body for the first time in a long time.
  • Sleep. Rock, solid sleep.
  • The elevated feeling of knowing you’re living In Your Element.

Over $2k in value.


Say goodbye to destructive 6 Week Programs

that make you feel like sh*t

Ever 6 Week Program gets you some results, but destroys your self esteem in the process, making it easier to fall back into poor habits. In Your Element gives you the plan to establish habits for the long haul. No more yo-yo diets and program. It's time for you to stop once and for all.


In life, the only constant is change.  You can change it for the better.

What's included:

  • Two full weeks of preparation to get you set up for success
  • 5 workouts per week (both gym and at-home versions available)
  • Weekly online yoga class
  • Cardio guidance
  • Custom macronutrient calculations based on your goals
  • Habit formation coaching
  • Online accountability group
  • Sample grocery list
  • Inspiration for delicious and easy meals and snacks
  • Easy-to-use workout portal
  • SIT workouts
  • HIIT workout database
  • Yoga class database
  • Strong App Templates for logging workouts
  • Only for people who are ready to put in the work to reach their goals

What you need:

  • Dumbbells
  • Exercise Ball
  • Exercise Bands
  • Exercise/ Yoga Mat
  • Journal

*Some workouts may suggest a barbell, pull-up bar, kettlebell, and/or a TRX suspension system. We can provide alternatives for everything! You will, however, need a great attitude. This is non-negotiable.


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“I can’t believe we are at the end - as that means I have been living with various plagues for 7 weeks now . I only got in week 1 before tummy bug, ear infection, RSV, bronchiolitis, ear infection, Influenza A (daycare baby)…. BUT I’m still living off my round 1 wins / high! I am now under my pre-pregnancy weight, and didn’t gain anything these past 7 stressful weeks. Even my Dr. commenting on all my weight loss! So reposting my Round 1 progress photos and looking forward getting rid of this blasted sinus infection and continuing on my way Thank you to all the coaches and the work you do to put these programs together!”

-Catherine H

I’m so grateful for this group and LTGL!! This was my second round and I’ve made a lot of progress this round! Some physical progress yes but the mental progress I’ve made has been immeasurable!! I’m eating more food now than I have in years and I’m feeling great! Stronger in the gym, overall well-being has improved, sleep is better, etc. I have let go of “food guilt” and have been really enjoying entering my food into MFP without stressing about how to cram everything into 1500 cals! I think I’m ready to go on my own and continue my reverse into maintenance! I’m attaching photos for those of you who aren’t sure of the process or who are doubting eating more to reach your goals! These photos are 4 months apart…left photo was right before I started In Your Element and I was eating around 1600 calories a day (minimal carbs). The photo on the right was yesterday eating almost 2000 calories a day (close to 200 carbs)! Slow and steady AND thank you to all of the amazing coaches who cheer us on every day!!!

- Katie Scull

Left pic is now and right is before. I have to note that I’ve been doing this program since August. The “before” pic on the right is from Nov 2 as I somehow deleted my pics from Aug. Soo results are subtle. But I have more tone in my stomach, less cellulite in my thighs and my pants are looser in the hips. I feel so much better and several people have commented on what I’m doing because I’m looking so “small”.

I’d tell people who are just getting started to start and just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward even if it’s slow. I never thought I could eat as much protein as I do or get all the steps in - and some days I don’t, but that’s ok and I get back to it the next day. This is about overall health and it’s a process. It’s not about looking like the cover model by Jan 1. I’m really happy I’ve joined this group and have learned so much. I’ve stuck with the program through several weeks of vacation, a girls trip, Halloween, Thanksgiving, a very sick mom causing lots of stress….and more and I’m still going! Thank you team for all of your support and guidance.

- Mary Coffin

Ok here it goes lol..I’ll go first! I’ve been quiet in the group lately. Things didn’t always go as planned. Life happens. I was sick a few times (currently getting over yet another cold) and I was away on a family vacation. I wasn’t going to take after photos but I’m really glad I did! I can be hard on myself but this program has taught me that I don’t need to be perfect. The changes I’m making, even if I’m not doing it all every day add up. I was surprised to see the difference in my before and after pics.

- Janice S.