You Were Meant to Evolve

Elemental Coaching

Return to Your Well of Being


We are a collective of mentors, coaches, and trainers unified by a single guiding principle:

Change your energy, change your life.


Our programs and methodology takes its shape from our Five Principles Of Purpose.


Everything we do at Elemental Coaching flows from our principles so you can discover yours.

The Elemental Philosophy

  • Above all, we nourish. First the mind, then the body.
  • You are enough. Always have been and always will be.
  • You have never been wrong. Your body has always known what it needs.
  • Life changes are rooted in simplicity. The changes are elemental, but the results are monumental.
  • Progress is never linear.
  • Coaching is support. Our students are for life. We are all students.


Are you experiencing irregular periods, unexplained weight gain, worsening PMS, or other symptoms out of nowhere?

REVIVE is engineered specifically for women who are experiencing their perimenopausal years.

We dive into exactly is happening to your body in the years leading up to menopause.

We educate you about pre-menopause, perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause.

Revive changes the lives of hundreds of women every year.

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Your journey to wellness starts here, with us, with you.

In Your Element

The first program of its kind is the last you will ever need.

This isn’t about feeling younger or “going back” to what you think you’re missing.

We want you to be in the here and now. We want to show you what it is to live In Your Element.

Blending nutrition coaching and strength training with a supportive community and mindset management, In Your Element changes the lives of hundreds of women every year. This eight-week commitment is the gateway to the rest of your life - and Elemental Coaching is here to see you through it.

Registration is now open!


What People Are Saying

Our clients' success speaks volumes.

I believe in myself and in what I'm doing each day, and I recognize how LTGL has finally taught me how to get where I'm going in a more complete and effective way than anything I've tried before. I'm feeling the benefits of the changes I've made and I'm seeing gains in the gym week over week. That said, I'm also trying *really* hard to be patient for measurement changes and/or improvement in the way my clothes fit (because even with as great as I feel, I want my time and effort input to feel justified in reaching all of my goals). I love LTGL and I have amazing momentum, and I'm determined to continue working consistently for positive progress!

Lindsay T.

"For years, my whole eating strategy has been to eat as little as possible and burn. as many calories as possible. I can't explain how relieved I am to be on the other side of that miserable way of living. It's like a huge weight has been lifted, and I actually have hope for a better future.

Lindsey B.

"I can’t believe one program can influence your life so much. And I really can’t believe all of it is sticking! New habits, routines, workouts, nutrition. It’s all become part of the daily now."

Sue L.

What happened to LTGL?

Like all good things, Lift To Get Lean evolved. When I was putting together the first session, it was just me and a handful of students I borrowed from the spin and yoga classes. I also borrowed a lot of what I learned and did over the years while training for figure competitions - especially the weeks I had to “lean out.” 

The whole idea of the program was about lifting weights to get leaner, instead of starvation diets and absurd amounts of cardio. Lift TO Get Lean sounded like a great fit at the time. 

At the time. That was then; this is now. Thousands of students have participated in one of the programs, and I learned something new from every one of them. Before long it was clear: LTGL had grown into something so much more than weightlifting and macro-tracking and it was time our team grew with it.

It was time to rework our core ideals to help you return to your element.


LTGL is now Elemental Coaching

Through Elemental Coaching, we can offer so much more to those who feel misguided about what the world expects of them. What you loved about LTGL is still here (check out In Your Element, the re-invigoration of the program you know well), but with Elemental Coaching you will see more in-depth attention to whatever you need more of. Meditation and mindset, nutrition coaching, workout programming, and even support in our ever-growing VIP Group.

I’m excited you’re here. I’m glad you found your way to us.

Now, let’s return to the well of your being,


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